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Mastering These 4 Soft Skills Will Get You Hired


We often think it’s the accomplishments, hands-on experience and hard-skills that ultimately win over hiring managers. And yes, those attributes weigh heavily in the decision making process. After all, they establish your professional foundation and ability to do the job.

But how about those other personal aspects that have proven an asset in your career?   

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Are Past Job Titles Killing Your Present Job Search?


Job title inflation is rampant, and that’s not to say it’s wrong – I always encourage candidates to use verbiage that both accurately describes their role and contributions, but that also best speaks to the interests of the position.

One thing they’re doing wrong is slapping a job title on the resume that says nothing about what they did, and/or conveys a completely different level of expertise than that which they’re targeting.   

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The 4 Tools You Need to Boost Your Brand

4 Tools to Boost Your Brand

Every week I read another article that describes some innovative new “replacement” for the resume; a game-changing tool that will finally bring the hiring world into the 21st century.

In my time-tested opinion, opting to forgo the traditional PDF/paper resume in favor of video, graphic and gimmick resumes is a mistake…   

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How to Write the Perfect Social Media Profile Headline

Headlines That Grab HR

Too many people are flat, uninteresting, and vague in their communications – in their email body and subject, in their LinkedIn profile, and of course, on their resume.

No doubt you’ve experienced the challenge of having your application sit in a recruiter’s inbox with hundreds of other potentially qualified candidates. Fact is that even the best candidates go unnoticed due to the application volume alone. The key to standing out is less in timing and more in your profile/email/resume headline, so leverage it accordingly.

Here are a few tips to help you craft an attention-grabbing, specific headline…   

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Why We Suck at Writing Our Own Resume (And the Fix)

Writing Your Own Resume

I had to update my own resume recently. It seemed like a joke, because as someone who does this full time on a professional level, you would think this would be a cinch. Not so.

Here’s the thing: it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, to write objectively about yourself.

We’re conditioned to hold biases and opinions around ourselves, to judge, to formulate expectations – that’s just human nature…   

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