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Solid Preparation: The Key to Surviving an Important Job Interview

solid preparation

Your resume is in hand. Your interview outfit is polished. Now it’s time to market your best skills and experience in a job interview. And what does it take to ace that interview?

Solid preparation.   

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7 Steps to Help You Survive Your Next Job Interview

job interview

In order to reap the reward and perform at your best, it’s important to mind your IQ, your interview quotient. Preparation is key, and these insightful interview tips will help you to build your confidence, and avoid that post job interview anxiety of wishing you had a do-over!   

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Mind the Gap: How to Address Resume Employment Gaps

resume employment gaps

A professional resume writer has several tricks up her sleeve to address potential red flags that might concern an employer… including resume employment gaps.

As it puts you in the best light, an effective resume should always be honest and accurate, yet grey out areas that might appear to an employer as a negative…   

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The Secret Formula for Writing the Perfect Cover Letter

Cover Letter

While there are many examples and templates out there, there isn’t really a specific step-by-step formula available for writing the best possible cover letter… a cover letter that works, every time.

Today, we fix that. Here are the five steps you must take to create the perfect cover letter…    

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3 Rules for Perfectly Practical Resume Design


I love designing a resume as much as I enjoy writing them. After all… a well-thought out design only makes great content that much better. And of course the opposite also holds true:  ineffective presentation detracts from the quality of the content, and negatively impacts how well it’s received. Today, I share practical insights into the principles of effective resume design and presentation tactics that I incorporate into my work, and that you can adapt to your own process for designing eye-catching, storytelling resumes that stand out from the crowd of blah. Let’s examine three resume writing rules and their   

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6 Reasons You Need a LinkedIn Profile Right Now

Linkedin profile

Today, LinkedIn and your resume go together like peanut butter and jelly – universally accepted as a good thing, a standard even. Yet, I still get asked all the time: Do I really need a profile on LinkedIn?

Here are 6 reasons why you should be on LinkedIn, and if you already are, why you should continuously update and optimize your profile…   

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