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Should You Stay or Should You Go: Are Millennials Changing Jobs Too Often?

millennials leaping to new jobs too soon?

A potential client, a 26-year old data analyst at a healthcare organization, was struggling with the decision to stay with his current company or go somewhere that would value his potential more. After careful consideration, I advised this Millennial to stay longer at his current company rather than jump ship. After all, he’d only been at his current company a short time and I was worried future employers may be concerned about him leaving this position so soon (a Forbes article states that the average tenure for Millennials is 2.3 years). He thanked me for my “awesome” advice, but had decided to   

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7 Things Students Must Do NOW For a Successful Career LATER


An article by NPR states that in this decade alone US students have accumulated $829 billion in debt.

The same article points out that many post-grads are unable to find a job because they majored in subjects that make it difficult to find well-paying jobs (Psychology, English, and Journalism to name a few)…   

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Communication: The Soft Skill Your Career Can’t Live Without


Communications are in a work environment. And as many young professionals have discovered, it is also crucial in your job search, while you’re networking, on the phone, at the interview, and while you’re out and about.

Because in the Social Age, you’re always “on” – and effective and focused communication is always vital…   

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The Rejection Letter No Young Professional Should EVER Receive

Dear John, Regretfully, the hiring committee chose another candidate for the accounting position.  While I’m not in the habit of doing this for applicants, you have a great deal of promise. In fact, a number of attributes, which I’ll detail here, made you a strong candidate. To begin with, we were particularly impressed with your leadership skills. You were a lifeguard supervisor for two summers where you managed six staff members. The recommendation from your manager described you as a “natural leader.” Another attribute you possess is strong communication skills. You demonstrated this as president of your class at the State University of New   

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7 Important Attitude Adjustments for Job Seekers

Attitude Changes Everything

Dear College Student, I’m 52 years old, have been in the workforce for three decades, have three children and coach soccer and basketball. So as you can tell, I’m a Boomer. More important to this conversation, I also work where the local high school is located, which gives me a birds-eye view of how students act, and present themselves, in public. Of course, to say all the students act inappropriately would paint me as a grumpy old man, as my children sometimes call me. It would also be inaccurate and unfair to the “kids” who are outstanding citizens. I realize   

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6 Steps to LinkedIn Success for College Students

Success steps

I believe colleges should be teaching courses on LinkedIn and make them mandatory…for every student.

Why? Because sources like estimate as high as 96% of recruiters search for and contact employers by using LinkedIn.   

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