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7 Signs of Networking Success: Lessons Learned from the Boy’s Club

Good Old Boys Network

The phrase ‘good old boys’ has signified a club where big decisions are made behind closed doors or on the golf course. The boys club has historically had the dark side of being exclusive and only male; no girls allowed. Yet, they did one thing right.

Men not only valued action on behalf of each other, it was expected…   

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Millenials: Social Media or Mania?

I would rather send an email, a text or connect online than pick up the phone. I have been driven to the edge of sanity by conference calls, live customer service is often a disappointment and a machine is usually more accurate. I get irritated when I can’t accomplish something online. It’s generational conditioning.

As much as I think I’m on the edge, I can’t even fathom how far the Millennials will push technology in the social realm.   

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