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You Can Win This Game: 4 Tips to Nail Internship Interviews

Interviews make people nervous for any number of reasons. First thing’s first: breathe. While it can be difficult to remember to “be yourself” during an interview, it’s crucial. Keep your wits about you. You can win this game.   

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Best LinkedIn Apps to Help You Get an Internship

To land an internship in a tough job market, you must build and maintain a strong network. Luckily, you can do it all in one place. LinkedIn offers a variety of applications to help you network and get a great internship.   

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How to Use Social Media as Your Virtual Resume

You have a Facebook profile, complete with 200 pictures and over 1,000 friends. You have 500+ followers on Twitter. Your number of LinkedIn connections is through the roof. No doubt, having all of these contacts – in all of these networks – will guarantee the internship of your dreams. Or… it could keep you from getting an internship as an assistant janitor. It’s important to remember that marketing of you as a brand – and the organizations you’re a part of – through social media can hurt more than help your chances of getting that elusive perfect internship. Luckily for   

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