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4 Reasons Your Last Job Interview Didn’t Result in a Job Offer

Job Interview Fail

Ever leave an interview knowing you rocked it? You call your best friend, significant other and your mother to tell them how great you did… you celebrate with a $6.00 coffee from Starbucks… and then, nothing.

WTH went wrong?

Here are four reasons why that last interview didn’t go as well as you thought it did… and didn’t result in a job offer…   

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3 Reasons That Job Interview Didn’t Result in a Job Offer

Ever leave an interview knowing you rocked it?

You expected an offer; there was no doubt. However, when you received an email from the recruiter (if you received one at all), you were surprised to find they were “going in a different direction”.

WTH went wrong?   

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College Students: Don’t Catch Summer Fever…Keep Your Focus!

We can all see the light at the end of the tunnel – it’s almost summer!

A lot of students are having trouble focusing on the end-of-semester responsibilities because of the excitement surrounding graduation, their summer and future plans. This excitement, however, can have negative consequences, especially for certain groups of students…   

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The Job Interview Follow-Up: Call Me… Maybe?

Have you ever been left on the hook, waiting by the phone days after a recruiter said he’d get back to you? Every time your phone rings you get excited hoping it’s him, and then feel let down when it isn’t – just like waiting for a boy you like to call you after giving him your number.

In these situations, it’s hard not to stress. But don’t sit back and wait for that call, like Carly Rae Jepsen singing “Call Me Maybe”). Follow these tips about being proactive, but not pushy, when following up after a job or internship interview.   

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The 5 Tips Most Often Ignored by Intern Candidates

Although these tips are not new – there MUST be a reason why we hear them over and over. The answer: because we keep ignoring the advice – and many of us are unprepared to excel before, during and after the interview! Here are a few highlights on how you can set yourself apart from the competition in an interview.   

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5 Stress Management Tips for College Students

College is a balancing act. With exams, projects, papers, internships, job searches, research and a social life, the stress eventually begins to eat away at you. How do you manage all of this and still stay sane? These tips should help keep your college stress from getting out of control. Remember… breathe deep, stay organized and keep a positive attitude.    

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