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LinkedIn: Still Your Best Professional Network

Linkedin Professional development

If you’re interested in professional development or professional networking, there is still no replacement for LinkedIn.

So how do you cut through all that crap and use LinkedIn to build your career? Here are some pointers…   

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Blogging: Your Best Personal Brand Builder

best personal brand

How do you build a brand that demonstrates your value proposition? How do you showcase your subject matter expertise, experience and passion?

To me, the answer is simple: the best personal brand builder out there is… blogging.   

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It’s Monday and Your Job Sucks: How to Take Back Control

my job sucks

If you’ve ever had a job you detested, the Sunday Night Blues are something you know well. So you understand: there’s almost nothing worse than hearing your alarm go off on a Monday morning.

So how can you survive a sucky job? How do you take back control?   

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7 Tips to Help You Prepare for Difficult Workplace Conversations

difficult workplace conversations

The world of office politics can be eye-opening and daunting to young professionals.

And as many workplace veterans might tell you: there are certain lessons that can only be learned as you actually experience them…   

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When a Dream Job Comes Along (And You Just Started Another Gig)

dream job

So, what do you do when your dream job comes along when just you started a new job?

If you find yourself in this situation, here are a few questions to ask yourself…   

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Not Loving Monday Mornings? Find a Job You Really Love

Monday mornings

When you wake up on a weekday morning, are you excited about your work week ahead? Or, like so many working people, do you dread going to the job? You may be asking yourself: Is this what I’m really meant to do? Is this why I worked so hard in college? Is this all there is? A recent Gallup survey shows only 31 percent of American workers are “engaged” at their job. Now consider this: the average American worker will spend 92,120 hours of their life working. That is far too much of your life to not love your job.   

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