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The Secret to Success = The Opportunity to Fail

What if nothing in your life ever went wrong? That would be great – right? As it turns out, adversity… in particular, failure, may be the secret to success! As ironic as that sounds, encountering and overcoming an opportunity to fail may be the secret to future success!   

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Have No Regrets: Get that Internship!

“Recent grads say one of their biggest regrets… is that they didn’t get good internships.” If you’re a student, avoid a similar lament by essentially beginning your career in college. And it’s not too late for recent grads and career changers. Anyone can take advantage of the career experience internships offer. But do it now! Or you may regret it later…   

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It’s Time for Your Fall Internship!

Summer’s just about over – and so is your summer internship. That means it’s time to begin planning for your fall internship!   

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Ignoring Internships = Ignoring Job Opportunities

As a young professional, it’s likely you haven’t fully narrowed down your career plans. Internships can be key to your future job opportunities. Ignoring them, however, can have a chilling effect on your early career.   

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Interns: Create Your Personal Board of Directors Now!

Do you have people in your life who care about your goals and your career—outside of your family? If not, there is no better time in your career to cultivate such a group—a collection of influencers who could make the difference between having a successful career and, well, not. I’m talking about your personal Board of Directors—a group of interested parties from various parts of your life who really care about you and are ready and willing to advise you on both professional and personal issues (because everything is personal!) Mentors, Coaches and Sponsors In these pages, we talk a   

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It’s Time to Start Planning Your Internship for Next Summer!

So you’re about halfway done with your summer internship. Have you thought about what’s on tap for next summer. Assuming you’re not graduating, meaning that a full-time job isn’t foremost in your mind, you should be focusing on how your current internship can help you get to the next level of internship—either in your current organization or the next one. And if you are graduating, this final internship needs to be packaged to its best advantage to increase your job choices. Identify The Next Level Up Are you enjoying what you’re doing? Would you like to deepen your knowledge and   

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