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7 Strategies for Blogging to Your New Career

Blogging is about becoming an expert in your field. Apply these 7 strategies with confidence to become better connected to your career path.   

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Personal Branding: Beggars Can’t Be Sellers

A client and avid reader of my blog once told me that one of the most valuable pieces of advice I had provided him is that when you ask people for help with your job search, you’re not begging.

I thought that was pretty interesting. Because in all my job search years, on every side of the desk (as job-seeker, employer and career adviser), I always thought that job hunting was a two-way street. This seems lost on many people, no matter how bad or good the economy.

Behind every winner is the ability to identify and project his/her USP: unique selling proposition. How do you figure out your USP, or brand? Here are some strategies:   

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Attention Interns: You Need to Specialize!

We live in a specialized world. Your future currency will not reside in a commoditized role where competitors can undercut you based on fees. Instead, your ability to think—to problem-solve, create new ideas and develop new lines of business—will determine your value to employers, in any economy.

So how does that translate to finding an internship?   

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Why Your Resume Isn’t Working (and How To Fix)

Many young professionals (and everyone else!) have flaws in their resumes. Although they may not notice these mistakes, to many recruiters these oversights stick out like a red flag. Thankfully, it’s easy to fix many of these resume problems. Here’s how…   

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Writing the Dreaded Cover Letter: It’s Not About You

Writing a cover letter is an art, not a science. All you need to do while writing, is to remember that the cover letter isn’t about you. It’s a personalized letter that shows how you can help the organization solve a problem or meet a challenge. Keep that in mind and the cover letter is really nothing to dread.   

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What It Takes to Get a Great Job or Internship Today

No internship or job seeker needs to be reminded about how difficult the economy is right now. But often, we do need to be reminded of what it takes to get an internship or job. The successful candidates view their search as a full-time job. Here’s a motivational story of one such candidate, with some great advice we can all use to succeed in our own employment search.   

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