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5 Mistakes You Can’t Make During a Job Interview

Job Interview Mistakes

Confidence may be all you need to get that first interview and make a great first impression. However, as many have already discovered the hard way, a lot can go wrong during the interview process, on many levels.

By preparing in advance, though, you can avoid making these five mistakes you just can’t make during a job interview…   

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Practice and Prepare for These 5 Common Job Interview Questions


Congratulations! After spending a fortune on tuition and many sleepless nights cramming for tests, you’ll soon be graduating from college.   

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5 Ways to Overcome Lack of Experience in a Job Interview


When you have little job experience, answering questions about your qualifications is challenging. But there are effective ways to handle the challenge.

First, understand a lack of job experience doesn’t mean an applicant isn’t qualified for the job…   

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How New Grads Can Answer the Top Job Interview Questions

Job Interview Q

No doubt, new grads will continue to face a stressful job search after they move their tassels.

The class of 2013 will have 1,744,000 bachelor’s degree graduates, reports NACE. Yet, organizations plan to hire only 2.1 percent more new grads from the class of 2013 than they did from the class of 2012.

How can you stand out? It may just come down to how you answer the top interview questions…   

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