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“Leave Behind” Your Success at Your Next Job Interview

You spend hours preparing your resume to land the interview. You spend days preparing yourself to ace the interview. But, what happens after you actually leave the interview? Do you simply analyze every word and phrase and just hope for the best? That’s one option. But, if you want to take success into your own hands, consider creating a “leave behind” to ensure that your potential employer remembers the best about you. A leave-behind should be a “mini-portfolio” that showcases your best work you can leave with your interviewer. Here are five tips about creating the perfect leave-behind: Make a   

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Forget the Resume: Tweet Instead!

Crafting the perfect resume takes a lot of time. You may spend hours playing with margins, changing your fonts, and, of course, deciding on the perfect content.

But, developing the perfect summary of your accomplishments and qualifications is only the beginning – you still need to get your one-page masterpiece in front of a potential employer. That’s why I’m here to offer you some bold advice: forget the resume, and tweet instead.   

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