Stop Cursing the Cursor and Unlock Creativity [Infographic]

It is perhaps the most hated object in the business world… that cursor in the top left corner of the blank page. It just sits there, blinking at you. Waiting patiently like your stern, condescending fourth-grade teacher waiting for you to answer the question. A question you never heard because you were busy passing a note to the person next to you. From word processors to email clients, that accursed cursor is watching you.

Ever feel desperate to find a way to unlock creativity? Ready to be more productive?

Unlock Creativity and Fulfill Your Creative Potential

When we think of creativity, most of us think about art, music, or literature. We often fail to realize that any act of creation requires creativity. Whether it’s an email to a colleague, an important presentation, or a ground-breaking proposal, you have to unlock creativity to replace that blinking cursor with actual words. It sounds easy, but we all know it isn’t.

Creativity is fickle. Sometimes you’re on a roll, with new ideas spawning left and right, while other times you’re stuffing your face into a pillow, screaming because your brain has been wrung dry. It may not be possible to be creative on demand, but you can always work towards cultivating said creativity on a daily basis. This infographic from Entrepreneur can help. It presents 21 tips to help you unlock creative thinking and get your brain juices flowing.

Stop cursing the cursor and start your own act of creation.


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