How to Build and Practice Career Resilience [Infographic]

Few career paths are linear, and smooth sailing comes only between waves. Career resilience allows you to navigate the rough waters you’ll face along your path to professional success. Those rough waters don’t necessarily mean you’re on the wrong course. Rather, they can serve as an opportunity to reflect, re-evaluate and, possibly, recalibrate.

After all, learning to bounce back from a career-related misstep or an unexpected shift is vital to achieving your career goals.

Building Career Resilience

Resilience isn’t an option in today’s competitive business landscape; it’s a core — and critical — professional competency. It allows you to recover from a hiccup, challenge, or failure relatively quickly. It gives you a moment to process the experience in a way that encourages growth. Building career resilience is fundamental to moving forward, achieving the results you want, and doing so in a way that feels masterful.

Struggling with a job loss, financial hardship, or a change to your normal schedules and routines? Learning to become more resilient can help you live up to the challenge. This infographic from JobHero provides some guidance on how to become more resilient and practice resilience in your everyday life. From self-reflection to contingency planning, there are steps you can take to prepare yourself for any unexpected detour.

Some of our favorite pieces of advice:

  • Take inventory of your skills (and, we suggest adding the strengths that energize you to that list)
  • Build a 1-year game plan (considering the impact of the pandemic, anything more than a year might be a waste of your valuable time)
  • Schedule as many informational interviews as possible (each meeting may result in a potential mentor, and expand your sense of community)

With a little patience, you’ll once again be sailing smooth waters… and enjoying the trip.

After all, it’s the destination that matters.


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