Time Management Strategies for an Effective Job Search [Infographic]

What are the best time management strategies for you and your personality type?

It’s time to find your dream job. You’ve done your research, prepared for interviews, and gotten some sage job search advice. Unfortunately, you didn’t account for the sheer number of resumes you’d be creating just to get a call-back from a recruiter. It can be overwhelming if you don’t use your time wisely. And this is where time management strategies come into play.

Time Management Strategies to Improve Your Job Search

Priorities and personalities vary, and so should time management tactics. So, consider your personality type, then match it to one of the 12 time management tactics detailed in this infographic from Resume Now.

Which personality type are you?

  • The Entertainer | Spontaneous and energetic; a prospector
  • The Contributor | Caring, helpful, and sociable
  • The Auditor | Observant and organized; perhaps intellectual
  • The Cameleon | Cooperative, curious, and perhaps also exploratory

As you’ll see below, each personality type has specific time management approaches they might respond to best. For example: If you are an Auditor, you might want to employ the Eisenhower method in your job search. Or you may want to try time blocking or apply the 80/20 rule to your daily job search activities.

Of course, don’t label yourself too soon. Sure, as the infographic points out, each time management tool might work best for certain kinds of people. But a hybrid approach might work best for you. Let’s say you are both organized and helpful, for instance. In that case, a combination of time blocking and task batching might be the “just right” combination for you.

And isn’t the goal, after all? To find what works best for you and your job search?

Plan the work and work the plan. You’ll have your dream job in no time.


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