Career Planning Advice from Successful Entrepreneurs [Infographic]

Career planning is a tough business in a noisy world.

This is why mentors exist. They bring your potential into focus from the perspective of somebody who has already made the journey. But sometimes, you don’t need a mentor to find your way. Sometimes a couple of sentences from someone you respect is all you need. This is especially true when those sentences come from the likes of Elon Musk, Sheryl Sanberg, Warren Buffet, and also Jeni Britton Baue (best ice cream on the planet!).

You need a push in the direction you know you may already know you need to take.

Successful Entrepreneurs on Career Planning

If you read the collected writings of our most successful entrepreneurs, you’ll find a lot of useful stuff. But as you plow through page after page of ideas, confusion and contradiction reign. Wouldn’t it be easier if you had all the best advice in one place? For instance, what if Jeni from Jeni’s ice cream told you the best way to quick start a project was to:

  • Find an example of your imagined success on a smaller scale
  • Using that example as a model, strive for the quickest possible wins

This infographic from presents 15 short quotes, just like this one, from top founders. Each is designed to show you how to succeed. Each also includes a brief set of instructions on putting the words of wisdom to good use.

A common career planning theme throughout these chosen quotes is adaptability. After all, a flexible branch is less likely to snap and more likely to flourish and grow. The entrepreneurs quoted below identify two approaches to being adaptable in your career:

  • First, trust the process (you may need to try a lot – and also fail a lot – before you reach a successful outcome)
  • And second, trust yourself (don’t wait for an opportunity that fits; instead, make your own luck)

Take some solid advice from successful business founders. Then find the opportunity you want and make it work for you.


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