10 Tips to Showcase Soft Skills at Your Next Interview [Infographic]

How exactly do you showcase soft skills in a job interview? 

In a competitive job market, many candidates have the same hard skills you bring to the table. That’s why soft skills are so important. Sure, having the right hard skills might get you the interview. But your soft skills will set you apart from other candidates and help you win the job.

But how, exactly, do you showcase soft skills when you’re sitting across from the interviewer?

How to Showcase In-demand Soft Skills

By now, we all know what soft skills are: Self-management, how you approach life and work, how you lead, and how you communicate with others, and much more. These are the skills companies are looking for because people with these skills are typically more successful. For an interviewer, though, those skills are difficult to assess and even harder to quantify. Which means the ability to showcase your soft skills in an effective manner puts you several steps ahead the competition.

The flip side of that? The inability to demonstrate soft skills, at any time during the job search but especially during a job interview, becomes a huge frustration.

This infographic from NetCredit shows you how to showcase soft skills. Use the information here to prepare and practice for the common interview questions designed to give you the opportunity to highlight your soft skills. After all, when the right question comes, you want be able to show what you can really do. Some our favorite pieces of advice:

  • Replacing “I” statements with “we” to show collaboration skills
  • Show your creativity by talking about a time you were resourceful while solving a problem
  • Demonstrate your passion for serving as a mentor by describing how you contributed to the growth and success of a colleague

Use these ten tips. Put your soft skills on full display. And you will stand out from the crowd.


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