Effective Workplace Communication and You [Infographic]

What is your workplace communication style? How can it be improved?

Exchanging data and ideas within an office is called workplace communication. However, effective communication only occurs when a message is both sent and received accurately.

Of course, this is true in every aspect of life – both professional and personal. But effective communication in the workplace is central to all business goals. A widely sought-after soft skill, it is also critical to your career path.

But how do you best master this skill? How do learn to “talk the talk”?

The Essence of Good Workplace Communication

The content of the messages you are trying to get across is the starting point of solid communication. So it is imperative to ensure that what you are communicating is clear and that the information is accurate. Maybe you are sending out a mass email to all of your coworkers. Or simply having an informal conversation by the water fountain. In either case, it is important to know what kind of information you should be communicating. Otherwise, this is a tough skill to master.

For informal conversations, avoid controversial topics and matters that are too personal. After all, talking about personal matters, or –  even worse – gossip, leads to loss of professional credibility. Perhaps even integrity. It’s also important to avoid becoming too reliant on tech. Email can never take the place of one on one discussions.

This infographic from the Institute of Business Publications highlights the extremes you should try to avoid when seeking effective workplace communication. Here, you’ll learn how to avoid incomplete answers, sharing too much information, coming across as impersonal, and much more.

Take a look. Determine in which areas of workplace communications you can improve. Then be better.

After all: Good communication not only improves productivity, focus, and general well being… it improves your career.


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