How to Prepare for 10 Odd Job Interview Questions [Infographic]

A teacher. A professor or maybe a mentor. We’ve all had people who encouraged our participation in active discussion by uttering the ubiquitous phrase, “There are no stupid questions.” Then we grew up and started looking for work, and answering those odd job interview questions.

In all seriousness: If you’re actively seeking employment chances are you’ve run into a few odd interview questions along the way. Questions that put the “no stupid questions” adage to the test.

Sure, they seem like really stupid questions. But do they have a greater purpose?

Understanding and Answering Odd Job Interview Questions

You studied all the internet guides to commonly asked questions. You practiced your answers for days. And then the person on the other side of the interview table asks you the worst interview question you’ve ever heard. Now, what do you do?

This infographic from can help. It details some of the worst interview questions you’ll ever hear, helps you understand their purpose, and gives you some tips on how to come up with the best possible answer in what will seem like the most awkward moment.

As you’ll learn below, first and foremost, it’s important to remember there is often a method to the interviewer’s madness. Just because you can’t see the purpose of the question right away, doesn’t mean the interviewer isn’t looking for a type of answer that says something about the kind of employee you would be. Perhaps they’re trying to evaluate your problem-solving skills. Maybe they also want to see how well you think on your feet. They may even just want to see how you handle yourself when faced with a seeming absurdity. In the end, you have to be ready for anything.

Is there such a thing as a stupid question? Yes, but don’t tell the interviewer that.


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