Personal Branding: Your Path to Career Success [Infographic]

With the recent need to do everything from a distance, online personal branding has become more important than ever. From your LinkedIn profile to your Instagram account, your brand creates a cohesive summary of who you are and what you represent. Perhaps even more important, a succinct and cohesive personal brand helps set you on the path to success.

In fact, your career just might depend on your ability to build brand recognition and improve your network of connections.

More Than a Resume

Your personal brand doesn’t just augment the “gaps” on your resume. It highlights the marketable soft skills and intangible elements that can’t be explained on a single sheet of paper. Your online personal brand, by demonsttrating your participation in an online conference, for example, can show you’ve remained active in your industry. Even a “Brady Bunch” Zoom screenshot can set your brand apart!

Personal Branding and You

Creating a successful personal brand involves everything from discovering your niche to learning to craft an elevator pitch. From little things like having the same profile picture and username across all platforms to bigger issues like identifying your target market, doing personal branding right can help you supercharge your job search and advance your career.

For a complete guide to developing your personal brand, check out the infographic below from Resume Now. Be sure to look for the lessons learned from personal branding gurus like Elon Musk, Rihanna, and Richard Branson. Our favorite piece of advice, because of what appears to be the desire of many to look and sound just like everyone else: “Don’t be afraid to break the mold.”

Your brand won’t be built overnight. It takes hard work. But the payoff for doing it right will surely be more than worth it. Because in the professional world, you are seen as the best of your personal brand. And, in some cases, your worst.

What do you want your online brand to say about you?


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