Remote Work: The Future May Already Be Here [Infographic]

There are very few who predicted that remote work would be their norm in 2020.

The widespread response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, though, has meant companies have had to adapt. As we’ve seen, many have completely altered their operations to maintain business continuity. Of course, this has involved transitioning employees out of physical offices and into new virtual workspaces in what some have called the remote work experiment.

And so far, the experiment has been an unrivaled success.

The Future of Remote Work

As we continue our adjustment to working remotely, the current situation is already feeling like the new normal. Many of us are becoming comfortable working in our dining room. And let’s face it, the trip from the coffee maker to our home office is a lot shorter than the typical commute!

In this challenging time, we’ve learned to set new routines for productivity. We’ve learned better ways of communication. And we’ve become accustomed to decentralized collaborative work environments. But, whether you’re used to flexible work from home privileges, or just getting acquainted with taking Zoom calls in your pajamas, “working from anywhere” (or WFA) is changing our professional lives. And that’s a good thing. Because it may not be going anywhere even when the pandemic breaks.

This infographic from Wrike presents 17 statistics that suggest remote working is here to stay. Among the most interesting:

  • 74 percent of workers said they would quit their current job to work remotely
  • 80 percent of employees would turn down a job offer that didn’t include flexible work
  • By 2030, the US economy could see a boost of $4.5 trillion dollars from remote working

The trends and remote work statistics are fascinating. But they tell a much larger story about how the workplace is changing. Just as important, they also show how employees will need to change with these unprecedented times.

Take a look. Then ask yourself: For me, is remote working the future of work?


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