Working from Home: Stay Productive as the Crisis Continues [Infographic]

Well, we’re still here… working from home as the COVID-19 crisis continues. And with new cases spiking across the United States, we may not be going back to the office anytime soon.

After four months of this, you may find it difficult to get things done. Perhaps you’ve developed some bad habits. Or unintentionally created some less than optimal routines. So now is as good a time as any for a refresher course in how to stay productive while working from home, right?

Working from Home: How to Stay Productive

Yes, we’ve been at this a long time now. Many of us have been working from home far longer than we initially expected. But just because things are getting a little frustrating right now doesn’t mean we wont be back to normal eventually. In the meantime, the best we can do while working from home is to stay productive.

This infographic from Headway Capital provides a little refresher course in just how to go about doing that. Sure, we’re all becoming veterans at this. But every now and then we need to be reminded to stay organized.

Some of our favorite pieces of advice:

  • Creating a plan around your natural energy levels
  • Keep our workspace healthy and inspiring
  • Maintaining vital relationships by staying in touch with colleagues
  • Taking an exercise break now and then to keep our batteries fresh

Perhaps most important, be sure to eliminate distractions such as internet browsing, gaming, cell phones, and Netflix. After all, each of these unproductive work-killers is just a click away!

It sure seems we need to be in this for the long haul. So do whatever it takes to maintain positive, purposeful work habits. That way, Netflix won’t be calling your name quite so loudly.

Hang in there. Stay safe. And stay productive!


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