Job Search Motivation: How to Keep Going Until You Find Your Dream Job

job search motivationIt’s hard to find job search motivation. Time has a way of chiseling away at your confidence. Especially now, when fewer companies are hiring or have a hiring freeze.

But job search isn’t the only time in your life you’ve needed to restore motivation. How do people stay motivated when they go through regular life events like these?

  • A woman in labor
  • A marathon competitor
  • A visit to the dentist for a new filling
  • A weekend with the in-laws

They get through these challenges because they know there’s an end to that story. They know the event wouldn’t last forever. And neither will your job search.

Setting Specific Goals

Does it take motivation to reach your goals? Yes. While I am not an expert in this area (I am not the best goal-setter), I do know that the more specific the goal the clearer it will be for you to set a course and follow it.

When you look at some of the things you’ve endured, you survived all those as well (these are mine, maybe not yours).

  • Finding a spouse
  • Accumulating money in your savings account
  • Buying your first house
  • Getting your 1,000th Twitter follower
  • Losing 25 pounds
  • Giving up alcohol

Break It Down

Job search motivation can be achieved by feeling satisfied.  To feel satisfied, break your goals into bite-size, achievable pieces.  If the long term goal is to find a job, what are the incremental steps you will take to get there?

  • Many networking conversations
  • Numerous interviews
  • Multiple resumes submitted
  • Lots of rejection

How many?  It varies but the larger the number, the more chances you have of reaching your long-term goal.

Reward Yourself For Small Wins

Reward yourself for achieving the short term goals. Don’t let the nay-sayers beat you down. Hang with people (job seekers) that are moving forward and continue to move toward your goals.

And you don’t have to job search alone! Find a group or form a group.

Keep The Hope

The short answer is, that job search motivation is personal. You control it based on your expectations.

Be hopeful. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. 


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