The Extra Mile: How to Stand Out in Today’s Job Market [Infographic]

In response to the current global crisis, companies have changed many aspects of how they do business. Operations. Work schedules. And, yes, hiring. This has had a significant effect on the job market. And it is harder than ever to stand out… to get noticed.

Many employees have been given the opportunity to work from home during mandatory lock-downs. Yet, many more have simply been laid off. And with some businesses closing for good in the face of unprecedented losses, still others find themselves with no job at all. The competition for the few open jobs available has become intense.

So how will you stand out from the crowd?

Stand Out: 5 Tips for Today’s Job Market

Seemingly overnight, the job market has changed. What was once a shortage of qualified talent has become an overcrowded pool of job seekers with a wide range of skills. And all of these potential employees are competing for fewer and fewer jobs.

It may seem like looking for a job in this market is a losing proposition. But you can rise above the herd and stand out from the crowd. These five tips from the LaSalle Network can help. Take a look. As you’ll quickly learn, lock-down time can actually work to your advantage.

Use the extra time to improve your chances in this volatile job market by:

  • Taking an online course to build a skill you could never feature on your resume before
  • Building a stronger, more robust network and increasing the chances of earning a positive referral
  • Constructing a balanced schedule where you can commit fully to job searching during specific days of the week
  • Broadening your horizons, and increasing your chances of getting hired, by researching industries and sectors that might be hiring now
  • Learning how flexibility might become your strongest soft skill; after all, employers are hiring differently… and you must be able to adapt

Simply putting in the effort goes a long way. Because in today’s business reality, it’s more important than ever to go the extra mile.


stand out.



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