How Professionals are Dealing with Covid-19 Crisis [Infographic]

The Covid-19 crisis has had an unprecedented effect on how we live our lives from how we socialize to how we entertain ourselves… and yes, to how we work.

In response to the global crisis, many countries have instituted some level of mandatory lock-down. These measures have significantly changed the way we do business. Some businesses have allowed employees to work from home. Others have closed leaving employees without a steady source of income.

So, how are professional employees faring in this new reality?

Covid-19 Crisis and the Workplace: Professionals Speak Up 

Whether you can work from home or not, chances are the current pandemic has changed your life. And the lives of many others. So it would be natural to wonder how others are faring during this difficult time.

The infographic below from Robert Half gives you a little insight into how other professionals are dealing with this crisis, how it’s impacting their lives and their expectations for the future. Among the most interesting data points:

  • Three of four people now find themselves working from home
  • 63 percent now realize they can do there jobs well from home
  • 79 percent of companies envision their employees working from home more often after the Covid-19 crisis is behind us
  • Post-pandemic, 55 percent of employers anticipate offering more flexible work schedules
  • 56 percent of employees worry about being in close proximity to co-workers; to accommodate this fear nearly half of employers expect to alter their work environments and office layouts

Will things ever go back to the way they were? Probably not. And that may be a good thing.

How comfortable were you in the “last normal”? What aspects of your “now normal” do you appreciate most? Finally, what would you like to carry forward into your “next normal”?

Initiate a conversation with your employer. Be willing to co-create exactly how you’d like your post-pandemic workday to look. In the process, leave behind what wasn’t working… and bring forward what is best for you and your company now.

There is no better time to talk about sustainable change. So why not reinvent work… so it works better for everyone?





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