Task Batching: Your New Productivity Hack [Infographic]

What is task batching? And how can it help you feel more productive?

Are you having trouble keeping up your productivity levels these days? It’s no surprise. After all, you were not prepared for working from home, or in a reduced capacity. And, you spent a great deal of time honing and perfecting a time management skill set that no longer works. So maybe all those office productivity hacks you took to heart no longer feel valid.

You need a few new productivity hacks to help you ace this new world of work. You need task batching.

What is Task Batching

Task batching is a planning process that groups similar activities together to improve your focus and help you get things done.

Do ever have days where you feel like you’re working hard, but when you go to bed at night you realize you haven’t actually crossed anything off of our to-do list? That’s because we often interrupt our focus with distractions. We also tend to jump between multiple projects instead of completing one. This is especially true when we’re alone and unsupervised. This is where task batching comes in. By breaking projects into specific steps and sorting by similarity, you can better focus and reduce time spent refocusing after distractions that are inevitable.

Organizing your day by function can be particularly helpful for those with a lot on their plate. Working from home? Or maybe trying to keep your small business afloat? Batching tasks makes large projects digestible and improves your productivity while also reducing mistakes. This infographic from intuit.turbo can teach you the ins and outs of how to use task batching whatever your current situation may be. And the good news is, this is one productivity hack that will work even when things do get back to normal.

How did they build the Great Wall of China? One brick at a time.


task batching.



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