Work Addiction: When Work Quietly Overwhelms Life [Infographic]

What is work addiction? With so many of us working from home, are we more in danger of becoming an addict?

Whether you call it social distancing, self-quarantine, or a mandated lock-down, many of us feel the psychological effects of our current reality. We once spent socializing, dining out, attending concerts and sporting events. Now that downtime has to be filled within the confines of our homes.

Sure, many of us have the opportunity to fill some of that time by working from home. But this, in itself, presents a psychological danger. When work is all that’s left to fill the empty hours, work addiction becomes a very real possibility.

The New Danger of Work Addiction

Typically, 10% of Americans have the compulsive urge to overwork. Under current circumstances, that urge could be even more common. This is specially true for young professionals living alone. After all, when there’s nothing else to do and no where to go, it’s easy to throw yourself into your work. We become fixated on job-related tasks. We fail to take time for ourselves.

But work addiction, whether under lock-down or at the office, can have serious psychological effects, including burnout.

It’s important to find ways to set work aside and make time for you. Read a book, watch Netflix, or use Zoom or Skype to socialize with friends instead of just for business meetings. The important thing is to recognize and address work addiction before it can have a serious impact on your health and your career.

To learn much more about the dangers of work addiction, we present this infographic from the University of Nevada, Reno. This information is sure to help you better understand work addiction… and how to deal with it before it becomes a problem. Be sure to pay particular attention to the section that helps you identify and diagnose your tendencies to work too much and too hard for too long.

Finding balance may be difficult right now. But mastering that balancing act is more imperative now, than ever.


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