8 Free Employment Resources for These Difficult Times

free employment resourcesFurloughed due to COVID-19? Lost your job? Looking to make a change during these difficult times? Take advantage of these free employment resources!

These difficult times have created the need for a new way to help job seekers partner up with opportunities and vice versa. Millions of people have found themselves unemployed due to no fault of their own. This has resulted in numerous initiatives to help pair unemployed talent with available opportunities.

The good news is, there are lists of companies with current openings looking to hire immediately or soon. As you look at these eight free employment resources, note that they are all a little different. So, here are some tips for using these resources to help you connect with employers during these difficult times:

  • Before adding your information, first verify there are relevant jobs/companies/geographies posted.
  • Don’t just post your information and think that’s enough. You must still network and apply for jobs.
  • Always use the two-step (find a job, find an insider) See how Drafted works.
  • Just because a list says there is a hiring freeze, doesn’t mean that’s true for every job. Find out by asking insiders.

Drafted Layoff Network

Drafted | Free | For job seekers, employers and referrals.

This organization retooled its hiring technology to create a free platform for laid off workers to get connected with hiring recruiters. “The Boston-based startup says it has more than 5,000 recruiters on its mailing list and 500 recruiters “actively hiring” on its platform from companies such as Amazon, Uber and various growth startups.”

Job seekers might also be interested in Signal by Drafted that helps connect you with people in companies to get referred.

Here’s how Drafted works for job seekers:

  • Create a profile
  • Get someone to nominate you
  • Get priority access to companies that are hiring in your extended network


Layoffers | Free | For job seekers and employers

This resource tracks layoff events and posts job opportunities with “thousands of recruiters and candidates joining the site.” There’s also a database of job seekers. You’ll also find a community discussion board.

Currently there are 1056 job seekers and over 10,000 jobs.

Jobscan.co’s Ultimate List Of Companies Still Hiring

The Ultimate List | Free | For job seekers

This list includes companies continuing to hire, pausing hiring efforts, or enduring layoffs is compiled from multiple public lists and news sources. We hope this list of company hiring statuses will support you in your job search during the COVID-19 crisis.

The base data for this table comes from the following sources: BlindCandorlayoffs.fyiStartupHireMe, and various news outlets. Additional data is crowdsourced. Jobscan is unable to verify all information submitted.

8,035 jobs currently posted.

Torch Capital Talent Connect

Torch Capital Talent Connect | Free | For job seekers and employers

You can view open jobs at a variety of companies across the US. Some are startups, some are larger. There’s also a list where you can add your information as a job seeker.

This started as a way to help the startups Torch had invested in by sharing their laid off talent with other employers. It has grown since then.

Currently 774 jobs and 859 job seekers listed.


Candor | Free | For job seekers and employers

There are two lists: One to report layoffs, hiring freezes and hiring and one for laid off employees to post their resumes. Both 100% user-generated.

David Chouinard, Cofounder of Candor, and his team started this initiative. Candor has created a community of technical people to help negotiate better salaries through sharing information.

And if you’ve been laid off — add your resume to the Layoff Hiring List.

Current jobs posted 7143 and a growing number of job seekers.


LinkedIn Who’s Hiring | Free | Job seekers

And don’t forget the constantly updated list by Andrew Seaman and other editors of LinkedIn.


Indeed | Free for job seekers

There is a dedicated Coronavirus Job Resources page that includes a list of national companies hiring right now. This list is updated weekly and shows major national companies who have recently added jobs on Indeed.


Glassdoor | Free for job seekers

One of the best free employment resources, Glassdoor provides companies with hiring surges, job titles in high demand and even remote job postings that are all active right now. Scroll down the page and you will see categories of jobs/industries with immediate need for talent (distribution, healthcare, delivery, etc.)

There are many organizations and individuals putting together to help people during these difficult times. I’m sure can find the right connection for you!


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