Finding the Cure for Chronic Procrastination [Infographic]

Are you a victim of chronic procrastination? Have the symptoms appeared since you started working from home?

“Never do today, what you can safely put off until tomorrow.”

Does that statement resonate with you? Or maybe it describes some of your work habits over the last month or so? If yes, you may be suffering from chronic procrastination.

In an office environment, with bosses, supervisors, and colleagues waiting for you to finish a task, you can play it off as some quirky little personal habit. But in this time of self-isolation? Procrastination can be disastrous to you career, your health, and your reputation.

Don’t worry! You can cure chronic procrastination.

The Cure for Chronic Procrastination

Procrastination isn’t really a big problem, right? After all, many of people say they do their best work under pressure. Unfortunately, they’re only fooling themselves. In truth, when we put things off until the last minute, we lose valuable time necessary to review and revise our work. Without that time, our work can lack the polish and professionalism others expect. In addition, constantly bumping up against deadlines can make your superiors wary of coming to you in clutch situations. Ultimately, you can lose their trust. So, instead of using this extra time you probably have now to put things off even further, why not work on curing this affliction?

Curing chronic procrastination takes effort. This infographic from EssayExpert lists 15 pills to swallow that can have you cured in no time. Some of our favorite bits of advice, especially in our “now normal” that includes working from home:

  • Work in a productive environment (yes, that means turning off Netflix)
  • Un-schedule (Rather than focus on time slots, focus on getting the important tasks done)
  • Plan for obstacles (embrace those interruptions, even those that involve a cat jumping in your lap during a Zoom call)

Take your medicine. Put in the work. And you’ll soon be that go to person everyone trusts to get things done quickly, efficiently, and professionally. And isn’t that what’s really important?

So tomorrow, start the cure! (Just kidding, start now.)


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