How to Master Slack Group Messaging Platform [Infographic]

For the time being, the world of handshakes and conference rooms has given way to a world of video calls and team productivity apps. One of the most common group messaging platforms: Slack.

The tool was used by over 12 million employees across 600,000 business before social distancing became the norm. Now, of course, it’s become more popular than ever. But many new to the platform are simply using the basic functionality. Slack offers so much more.

Impress your boss, your colleagues, and your clients by becoming a Slack master!

Master Slack Group Messaging

An excellent place to start is by learning a few Slack keyboard shortcuts. These are a great way to knock precious hours off your working week. You can pin or mute Channels, access the edited highlights of a conversation, and even join informal channels that can act as a virtual water-cooler. Come on, you know you miss discussing the last episode of Better Call Saul with the folks at the office.

To find out how to master Slack, take a look at this visual guide presented by NetCredit. It contains 45 tips and hacks from learning the basics to navigating Slack like a boss. (Indeed, you might teach your boss a thing or two.)

Read on, and you’ll see the infographic is broken up in six parts:

  • Those Slack shortcuts
  • Hacks for Slack channels
  • Hacks for messaging
  • Tips for using Slackbot
  • Collaboration tools and tricks
  • Slack integrations (Google Drive, etc.)

Be sure not to miss the suggestions about Slack etiquette. As with any new platform, there is a right way (and a wrong way) to you use Slack as a communication tool. Of course, the ultimate goal is to improve the way you collaborate. So jump in. Have fun. And catch up with those co-workers you miss so much!

Now is the perfect time to become a master Slacker (well… you know what we mean).


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