Remote Working: Make the Transition to Working from Home [Infographic]

Well, here we are again. Another week begins and we’re still doing the remote working thing. We might as well face it… we could be here a while.

But look on the bright side. Working from home does have its advantages.

The commute is certainly a lot easier. The only traffic jam you’ll likely experience is when the kids are hogging the bathroom. More importantly, research suggests that working from home can actually make you more productive. Your living room can be a productive workspace. You just have to make an effective transition to remote working.

Making the Transition to Remote Working

The first thing you need to do? Set boundaries to distinguish your home and work life. Start with setting up an optimal workspace. You don’t have to invest expensive office furniture; you can work with what you have. Just try to avoid working propped up in bed or on the sofa in front of the TV. Along the same lines, a lot of jokes are made about working your pajamas, but it might be best to set a dress code and dress for work every morning. Making this effort can help to get you in the mood and keep you focused. Then, set your schedule for the day, follow it, and be sure to end on time.

This infographic from provides even more tips on how to work from home successfully like a boss! Learn how to create the optimal workspace, organize your workday, eliminate distractions, and stay connected to coworkers.

Before you know it, working from home will feel natural and normal. Of course, when things eventually go back to normal you may have to transition back to going to the office… but we’ll worry about that when the time comes.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and make the most of remote working.


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