How to Stay Focused While Working From Home [Infographic]

Are you struggling a bit while you learn to work from home? Maybe finding it difficult to stay focused? Let’s fix that!

Working from home sounded like a dream come true. After all, you never have to change out of your pajamas. And your commute involves shuffling down the hall to the kitchen in your fuzzy bunny slippers. Working from home has to be great, right?

Well, as many of us are learning, working remotely doesn’t always live up to expectations. Many of us, without the structure of the office, find that it isn’t easy to keep our minds from wandering. Maybe you’re worried about the current world situation? Or how this new method of working will impact your career. You might even be worried about having a job or internship a few weeks from now. And, of course, there is the king of all distractions: Netflix.

One thing’s for sure, the hardest part about working from home is staying focused.

Stay Focused While Working from Home

It’s probably no surprise that the human mind has a tendency to wander. During times of change and stress, this is even more true. And that constant mind wandering can become a source of frustration. Luckily, research into ways of combating this phenomenon is plentiful. And while we may never be able to completely eliminate our mind’s propensity for wandering, there are lots of simple techniques that can help you stay focused.

It may seem counterintuitive but consuming a bit of caffeine or adding a deliberate distraction (like instrumental music) has been found to reduce distractibility. Research also shows that meditation and conscious breathing improve focus. Researchers also found that menthol in spearmint helps relieve stress and keep you focused. So if all else fails, grab a stick of your favorite spearmint chewing gum.

For these and other tips that will help you stay focused, check out this infographic from Headway Capital.

During these difficult times, stay safe. Stay well. And stay focused!


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