The Negative Impact of Work-Life Imbalance [Infographic]

The hours we work take a greater toll on our ability to be good employees, and to be good people, than we may recognize. And because we give up vacation days (as 77% of Americans do), this applies to the hours we choose not to work as well. Yes, work-life imbalance – despite decades of discussion on the topic – remains a real issue.

For most of us, there are both personal and professional reasons to maintain work-life balance. But what is the cost if we fail? Imbalance often creates decreased job satisfaction and eventual burn out. And that burnout can take a financial toll as well as it can lead to unnecessary spending on conveniences.

The Real Cost of Work-Life Imbalance

Sure, working excessively might get you noticed at work in the short term. But it also often leads to burnout and an overall decrease in your productivity. And if you don’t prioritize a healthy balance between work and play? You might find yourself splurging on unnecessary expenses to escape the negative realities of your job. All of these little costs add up!

That’s not to mention the personal costs of work-life imbalance. A whopping 76 percent of workers say stress at work negatively impacts their personal relationships. This lack of balance also sometimes leads to sleep deprivation, depression, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and other health conditions.

Check out this infographic from Intuit Turbo for a closer look at the surprising costs of a poor work-life balance. You’ll also find ways to carve out time for yourself when it seems like work is taking over your life:

  • While at work, cut down on irrational thinking
  • Treat every weekend like a mini-vacation
  • Mute digital communications after work
  • Incorporate non-work activities in your calendar
  • Make your loved ones and a relationships a priority

Keep reading to learn more. After all, isn’t it about time you bring balance to your force?


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