How Do Young Professionals Define Success in 2020? [Infographic]

How we define success seems to change with each generation. But until we’re asked, many of us aren’t absolutely aware of what success looks like to us…

A tidy little house with a picket fence. A loyal dog. A Pontiac station wagon in the driveway. And two weeks every summer to visit the Grand Canyon as a family. This was success 50 years ago. 30 years ago, it was a Manhattan apartment, a Porsche 911, and a cell phone the size of a small brick.

As our world changes, as society changes, our idea of what it means to be successful evolves. Yes, measuring success often involves an individual’s perspective. But societal trends and generational goals also influence our definition of success.

So, how do young professionals define success today?

How do You Define Success?

We all want to achieve success. But not everyone sees success the same way. It’s very easy to say that your bank account is like a scoreboard, but money isn’t everything. Becoming successful looks very different to the gifted athlete, the talented artist, and also the business entrepreneur. It’s different also for those focused on making a difference, rather than making money. In fact, for many of us, the search for success has become a search for meaning as we seek a balance between financial stability and the calling of our hearts.

And yet younger generations feel the burden of financial stress more than ever.

Rising student debt, low-paying, entry level jobs, and rising costs have left many young professionals unable to support their lifestyle. They seek side gigs. They drive for Uber. And, sometimes, they still a little help from their parents. Some are turning to trade schools as a way to affordably train themselves for higher paying, skilled jobs. Financial independence has become a key goal – and not a college degree.

For more on how younger generations define success today, check out this infographic from Vocational Training HQ. It provides insight into societal trends and highlights the goals young professionals find important. Take a look, and then ask yourself…

What does your success look like?


define success.



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