2020 Resume Tips to Start the New Decade Right [Infographic]

What should your 2020 resume look like? How should you present your current skills and qualifications in a job market that seems to change daily?

2020 is in full swing. It’s a new year. A new decade, full of humanities progress in technology and communication. As a job seeker, you might be surprised, though, to learn that your resume remains as important as ever.

It may take new forms, sure. But it continues to open doors – and also sell your skills once those doors are open. No matter the form, your resume sums up your qualifications for a recruiter or hiring manager. It’s still the document they use to decide whether or not you might be a fit for your dream job. Or at least the job they have open.

So what should your 2020 resume look like?

Your 2020 Resume

You definitely want your resume to be the best it can be—and you definitely don’t want it to look messy, outdated, or hard to read. That much hasn’t changed. With that in mind, what should a resume look like in 2020? This infographic from The Muse provides the best advice for how to create a resume that will stand out from the crowd and land you that interview.

The reality is, despite all the changes to form and format: The resume really hasn’t changed that much. Your 2020 resume remains the medium to communicate your skills and achievements. So keep it simple, highlight your strong points, and let recruiters know the value only you bring to the table.

Most important, your resume:

  • Include an easy-to-scan summary of your top skills
  • Must be quantifiable through numbers and results.
  • Should spotlight key abilities customized to the job description

Look at the infographic below for more tips. Then use this advice to get your resume ready for the new decade!

When you get right down to it, not much has changed. Start with a strong resume. And you’ll be that much closer to working the perfect job for you.


2020 resume.



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