Phone Interview Advice: The Long-Distance First Impression [Infographic]

No matter who it is, talking on the phone with a stranger can feel awkward. When you add the pressure of an important job interview, it can become unbearable. You constantly worry about what you’re going to say. After all, your words are all you have to make a good first impression. That spiffy new outfit you bought to knock their socks off hangs in the closet. Your firm handshake is useless (not that your hands aren’t shaking). And your body language is silent. On the phone, your words are all alone. So you may need some phone interview advice!

Phone Interview Advice to Help Get You Invited to the Office

More and more companies are embracing on-camera interviews to screen potential candidates. In many cases, the globalization of the job market makes a Zoom meeting the most practical option.

But for a long time, in virtually every industry, the chances were your first interview will be over the phone (no camera required). And we’re seeing a trend where many companies are going back to the more spontaneous, less formal phone interview for the first round of interviews. Of course, the objective remains the same: Leveraging that conversation to secure an invitation to the office for round two of the hiring process.

This infographic from provides you with the kind of phone interview tips you need to move on to the next round. As you’ll see, like any interview the secret is in the preparation. But for a phone interview, you can’t just think about doing proper research and preparing for common questions. You need to set yourself up for success by ensuring a quiet room, standing up and smiling when talking, and staying concise. Once you’ve done all that, remember to let the dog out. Let the passion in your voice become a solid substitute for body language! Don’t worry, because the information below is sure to help!

When that phone rings, it’s time to talk the talk.

You can worry about walking the walk tomorrow!


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