Effective Communication: The Most Important Soft Skill [Infographic]

Communication plays a big part in our lives. We communicate throughout the day, every day. Plus, with “communication” included on nearly everyone’s “Top 5 Soft Skills” list, it is clear that in order to earn a job interview – and get that coveted job offer –  you must demonstrate effective communication skills.

Already have a job or internship? Think you can get away with a lapse in this all-important skill? Wrong! Wth productivity demands on the rise, people need to do more in less time. So clear communication skills have become ever more crucial, especially to young professionals learning to gain a reputation as a great co-worker.

The best part: Unlike some other soft skills, communication is a skill you can learn. And, in most cases, mastering this all-important soft skill takes just a few deliberate moments a day.

Learning Effective Communication Skills

Sure, learning to be an effective communicator boosts your career prospects. In fact, you’ll find that good communication is fundamentally linked to leadership, cooperation, and other essential soft skills. In a sense, it’s the foundation upon which career success is built. But the value of being a good communicator doesn’t stop there. Mastering this soft skill also helps in every aspect of your life, including personal relationships.

This infographic from NBO Group presents five tips designed to improve different aspects of your communication skills. As you’ll quickly learn,  communication goes beyond just writing and speech. It is also about your attitude, your body language, and how well you listen to others.  With effective communication, you can:

  • Boost the effectiveness of your next presentation or client meeting
  • Better participate in your team discussions and really impress your manager
  • Become a more active listener, both while on the clock and in your personal life

So, how can we communicate more effectively?

Read on, and let’s find out!


effective communication.



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