9 Productivity Mistakes That Ruin Days Before They Start [Infographic]

Just as breakfast is the most important meal of the day, mornings can be the most important time of the day. A good way to ensure a successful workday? Make the most of the first 10 minutes. But many of us, unfortunately, fight an uphill battle because we make critical productivity mistakes as soon as we get to the office. The result: Our work days never start off in the right direction.

Sound familiar?

9 Productivity Mistakes to Avoid

Productivity experts say those first 10 minutes are crucial for a successful day. Yet we seem prone to making more productivity mistakes during this time than any other. As a result, we don’t just lose those precious first minutes… we lose the opportunity to make each day more fulfilling.

In fact, as you’ll learn in this infographic from resume.io, getting on with our work in the wrong way can have a negative an impact on productivity as well. Checking your work emails first thing, for example, is just one of nine common productivity mistakes we make in the first ten minutes of the day.

Instead, use the first 10 minutes of your day to plan your day; to get your body and mind in the right place.

Avoid sitting down in your chair straight away. Make sure you’re close to natural light. Refuse to be bound by artificial deadlines. Leave the browser windows closed. Don’t get sucked into the myth of multi-tasking. These little changes can make a big impact on how productive you will be for the rest of your day. Read on… and learn even more about the mistakes many of us make during the first ten minutes of the work day.

Hit the ground running – the right way – every day.

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