Infographic: How to Make Yourself Work (Even When You Aren’t Feeling It)

Ever have a workday when you’re just not feeling it? Like you have to make yourself work? Force yourself to complete every task and interaction? Or just don’t feel motivated enough to give it your very best?

We’ve all been there. Heck, after a long holiday period… you may be there right now, today!

The good news? There are scientifically proven ways to be more productive and engaged at work – even when you just don’t wanna’.

Make Yourself Work: Get and Stay Motivated

Human nature sometimes makes many of us want to wait and wait for the perfect moment (or is it the last possible moment?) to get out of bed. Or switch on our devices. Or become fully engaged at work. As if basic human nature wasn’t enough of an obstacle to success, feelings of boredom and frustration can hold us back. Let’s face it: There are several reasons why our best selves don’t show up at work every day – even when that is exactly what we’re paid to do.

Sound familiar? Need to find a way to make yourself work, even on the most challenging days?

Then check out this infographic from NetCredit. Here – and just in time for that tough get-back-to-work period that comes just after the holidays –  you’ll learn about several methods to excel during your work day, every day.

Some of our favorite suggestions:

  • Rewarding yourself before you even begin your workday or start a new project (go ahead… splurge on the latte!)
  • Start small (complete one relevant task first thing each morning and also every afternoon)
  • Collaborate with like-minded people (nothing gets us motivated like an inspiring conversation; and nothing else helps us feel more accountable)

Read on. Then find the solutions that work for you and your situation. Make yourself work, the right way.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work!


make yourself work.



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