25 Ways to Learn Faster, Learn More, and Succeed [Infographic]

No matter how much we know, there’s always more to learn. After all, even when you think you know everything, things change… and suddenly there’s something you don’t know. How can you possibly keep up? How can you learn faster?

Of course, the key to keeping up and staying ahead is knowing how to learn more, faster. But, learning about how to learn can sometimes seem like the most daunting and confusing task of all!

How to Learn Faster

For the most part, the human brain is a mystery. But researchers have learned a few things themselves that can help you speed things up while retaining knowledge more quickly and efficiently. From pneumonic devices to multiple learning methods, science has shown us the best ways to feed your brain.

This infographic from WriteMyPapers.org is filled with tips and tricks to help you fill your head faster (and keep the important things from running out of your ears). Of course, your head is not the only thing you need to think about. Your body is a complex machine; to keep it relaxed, healthy, and malleable, you need to look after your physical welfare. So this infographic also provides some tips for keeping your body in sync with your mind.

Some of our favorite tips:

  • Leave multi-tasking behind (seriously, focus on doing a great job on one task at a time)
  • Use multiple learning methods (podcasts and videos are our personal favorites, but learning by reading and writing is critical for comprehension)
  • Build practical application (especially important for young professionals, convert what you’ve learned into something useful for you and your employer)
  • Eat more chocolate (well, duh!)

With a little preparation and some solid application, you can get your brain and body in shape. Then, you’re sure to learn more things, faster! 


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