Get Smart: 10 Ways to Look Smarter on LinkedIn [Infographic]

LinkedIn is, and will continue to be, one of the top social networks all over the world. So your LinkedIn Profile has become the key component in advancing your career. And to create a profile that that gets you the right kind of attention, you have to get smart – LinkedIn style.

Unfortunately, with all the competition out there, creating an attractive, well-structured profile not as simple as it sounds. After all, on LinkedIn you aren’t just painting a picture of your current career; you’re demonstrating your full potential to a future employer. You are, essentially, selling yourself on social media.

Get Smart: How to Look Smarter Online

As you’ll see in this infographic from Sales for Life, there are a number of smart things you can do to spice up your LinkedIn. You goal, of course: Increase your self-marketing potential.

A smarter LinkedIn profile starts with the first things people see. After all, sprucing up your photo and polishing your headline let people know that your serious about success right from the start. Joining groups, using multi-media, and also taking advantage of all the special LinkedIn features available is just an intelligent thing to do. Same with staying consistently active on LinkedIn by providing relevant and valuable content for your connections. Our favorite piece of advice in the infographic, though: “Creep those who creep you.”

Your LinkedIn profile has become your defacto resume and introduction to others in your business world. Plus, as we’ve all learned, the network you build on LinkedIn has a serious impact on your career success.

So why not be smart about it?


get smart.



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