Stand Out: 10 Ways to Innovate and Impress at Work [Infographic]

In today’s rapidly changing business world, “innovation” has become a buzzword. And for good reason: Those people, teams, and companies that can truly innovate tend to get noticed. And as employees and contributors, those who stand out at work get the promotions, the raises, or the sweet offers from other companies. (Well, at least if you stand out in good way!)

The quickest way to impress as a new employee? Bring new ideas to the table that solve problems or meet challenges that impact your company’s financial resources, timelines, and carefully built brand.

10 Ways to Innovate and Impress

Everyone wants to become more innovative, add value, and be noticed for their contributions. But to do all that, sometimes we must change the way we think.

To help you do just that, we present this infographic from Catherine’s Career Corner. Here, you’ll discover why creativity and innovation are key soft skills in today’s workplace. Even better, you’ll learn ten ways to change your thinking, become more creative, and ultimately stand out.

Some of our favorites:

  • Letting your mind wonder | Not letting your every day routine stifle creative thought
  • Thinking on paper | Writing down every idea, thought, tip and inspiration
  • Inviting others to innovate | Take a more collaborative approach by engaging others in the thought process
  • Taking risks | No meaningful innovation can occur if we are afraid of failure; be ready to make mistakes
  • Placing ourselves in a position to succeed | Innovate outside the box, but present your ideas well inside the existing box
  • Identifying potential bottlenecks | Every new concept comes with it’s detractors; quickly identify your barriers to success

Remove assumptions and restrictions. Show genuine enthusiasm for solving a specific problem. Think and act differently.

And soon, your ability to innovate will impress the right people. You will stand out!





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