Productivity Killers: 3 Bandits Stealing Your Time [Infographic]

Listen up, Pilgrim! There’s three mighty bad bandits loose on this here range. And they ain’t just a plunderin’ and a pillagin’ your time. They’re stone cold-productivity killers that’ll gut your workday just as soon as look at ya. But don’t you worry none. Ol’ Sheriff YouTern is on the job!

Ok, enough with the bad John Wayne Impersonation.

In all seriousness, many of us don’t get as much work done as we would like. Distractions add up as the day goes by. They not only affect our productivity, they negatively impact our morale and level of engagement. However, learning to manage time efficiently and focusing on high-value work can help defeat the productivity killers you run into every day.

(And you don’t even need a sheriff doing a terrible impersonation of Duke!)

How to Fight the Productivity Killers

You’re completely focused. Your in a groove, getting work done. And then your coworker taps you on the shoulder just to chat… and now you can’t get back in the zone.

Or maybe your manager assigns you a new project. This is a great opportunity. But it’s such a large effort that you know you won’t be able to make any real progress today… so you start working on something else instead.

Sound familiar? Interruptions, procrastination, and bad planning rob your workday. And before you know it, your standing there watching the tumbleweeds roll by and wondering where the day went.

This infographic from Wrike exposes these three bad hombres. Even more important, it teaches us how to beat them in a showdown. As you’ll see, time management skills are the key. With enough practice, you can put these bandits in their place permanently.

So, put on your tin star. Become your own version of workplace law. And send these desperados to the office Boot Hill where they belong!


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