Futureproof: How to Remain Relevant in the Future of Work [Infographic]

What must we do to futureproof our careers? How do we remain relevant, even while the workplace is constantly changing?

The robots are coming to steal your job! That’s how it starts… predictive analytics, AI, the IoT… Pretty soon we’ll all have to bow before our mechanical overlords or we’ll get a visit from a big guy with a grenade launcher who looks oddly similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Ok, so maybe that’s a bit alarmist, but technology is changing the way we work. If you don’t keep pace, you could find yourself left behind.

It’s time to futureproof your career.

How to Futureproof Your Career

We are living in a fast-paced, unstable time. Nearly everything seems to change swiftly, sometimes dramatically. No doubt: The rapid advancement of technology has changed the game – and many of us no longer view our careers as safe. No matter how hard we work, we wonder if our role could be deemed no longer relevant or required.

But don’t start preparing for the apocalypse just yet. This infographic from Davitt will help you glimpse the future and prepare for the changes coming our way, today. As you’ll see, inherently human skills and qualities such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity will only become more valuable. And now is the ideal time to develop these abilities and futureproof your career.

Sure, we may lose a few jobs to advancements in technology. But as machines take over repetitive work, we will be freed up to assume more interesting and fulfilling jobs. Read on, and learn more about how to remain relevant in the future of work, starting today. In the meantime…

We’ll be back!

(Come on, you saw that coming a mile away.)




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