The 5-Minute LinkedIn Marketing Plan [Infographic]

Do you have a LinkedIn marketing plan?

When it comes to marketing yourself, chances are good you don’t take as much advantage of LinkedIn as you should. With 500 million professionals in the network, LinkedIn is the mother of all resumes, put up on the World Wide Web for display. And it seems easy enough, right? After all, to make your work known all you need to do is login, stay active, and connect.

But, first, you need a LinkedIn marketing plan.

A LinkedIn Marketing Plan for Everyone

Trying to gain more connections? Get more people to see your content or build your presence? Advance your career or generate more leads for your freelance work? All of the above? You’re sure find this infographic from Bluewire Media extremely helpful.

Here, you’ll learn about a 5-minute LinkedIn marketing plan anyone can use to maximize the impact of their LinkedIn presence. The best part? This infographic has a Linkedin management plan for users of all levels: Beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Choose whichever skill level is most appropriate for you and treat the advice like a little 5-minute workout. After doing it for a few days, you’ll find it’s easy to get up and running with your LinkedIn presence!

So, plan the work and work the plan. You’ll be a self-marketing expert on LinkedIn in no time.


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