Company Culture or Cash: What Do You Want from Your Next Job?

company cultureCompany culture.

It’s not in the one-liners on the walls, nor the office deckchairs, espresso machine or popcorn stations. Previously an HR buzzword, company culture is now more mainstream and a critical aspect of business success.

So much so that many of us now prioritize culture over salary when it comes to job satisfaction.

According to Glassdoor’s Mission and Culture Survey 2019, 56% in fact claim culture is more important than the size of their monthly pay-check. Surprised? Hold-fire, there’s more…

Nearly three-quarters of adults would not apply to a company unless its values aligned with their own personal values. Also, 65% of employees say their company’s culture is one of the main reasons for staying in their job.

Finding a positive workplace culture that resonates not only with your career but also your personal values is hugely important to your professional success and personal wellbeing. Which is why the experts at have worked together to share six questions you need to ask at your next interview:

Question 1: What Is Your Company Mission?

Does the mission and do the values of the company you work for resonate with your personal and career goals?

Question 2: What Freedom and Flexibility do You Offer?

Freedom in the workplace may not sound like a recipe for success but allowing a certain amount of creative freedom and flexible working can generate a happy atmosphere, even in a corporate environment.

Question 3: What priority Do You Give to Health and Wellness?

We live in a world that is becoming more and more aware of the correlation between physical health and mental wellness. This transfers into the workplace. If people are physically fit and healthy, they will be more mentally alert and produce better results.

Question 4: How Do You Ensure Your Team Can Freely Collaborate?

To create a collaborative culture, there needs to be a focus on communication. This doesn’t necessarily mean more meetings. Teams can be flexible and fluid under this type of company culture. This can be liberating and create a tide of innovation.

Question 5: How Do You Ensure All Employees Are Transparent and Honest?

A critical level of mutual trust is needed for individuals and businesses to thrive. Trust grows through honesty and open relationships. Therefore, this part of the company culture ties in with the collaborative approach.

Question 6: Within Your Company Culture, How Do You Empower Employees?

Feeling empowered is, by its very nature, powerful. After all, the results you get from a team of empowered employees far exceed those of a team that feels oppressed or lacks motivation. Deliberately, empowerment is a result of all the other factors above.

In summary, Dale Perrett, founding director of, says:

“The importance of company culture is not to be underestimated. At Novo we understand the difference outstanding leaders can make to a company and invariably, culture is the most important factor in attracting and retaining exceptional executives. Our findings provide practical advice to help people secure a new role with a thriving, vibrant and attractive culture.”


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