Surviving Mondays: How to Prepare Yourself for a New Week [Infographic]

During the Industrial Age, where people just traded man hours for dollars, we started hating Mondays. But what if today, in the Social Age, surviving Mondays only required a small change in mindset?

Here we are. It’s Friday and we’re already starting to worry about Monday. The impending weekend seems so short. How can you possibly recharge in just two days? Especially since you know it’s really just one day because you’re going to spend all day Sunday thinking about the fact tomorrow is Monday?

How does this one day. every Monday, have such a negative effect on us? Maybe the key to enjoying the weekends and surviving Mondays is to first accept its inevitability, and then start preparing Sunday night?

A Checklist for Surviving Mondays

Mondays don’t have to loom over your weekend like a dark cloud.  After all, it’s the start of a brand new week of possibilities and opportunities. Maybe, if you psyched yourself up a bit, you could learn to enjoy Mondays… even look forward to them!

Well, maybe not. But you can prepare yourself to face the new week with enthusiasm and determination. This infographic from JobStreet will show you exactly how to do that, with the ultimate checklist on surviving Mondays.

With a little effort on Sunday night, you can minimize the impact of the Monday morning slog. Getting organized is essential. Doing things like scheduling fun activities for the week so you have something to look forward to, can go a long way. Perhaps, you can spend a few minutes curating your playlist for the morning commute filling it with happy, upbeat songs. With the ideas outlined below, you can lessen the dread of going back to work, and without that looming over you, you can go back to enjoying the weekend.

So, take a moment this Sunday night to prepare, and you’ll be humming, “Monday, Monday…” in no time.


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