Emotional Intelligence: A Key to Workplace Success [Infographic]

Of course, there are many benefits to having high intelligence. Many managers, supervisors, and other workers become keenly aware that workplace success may depend more on their ability to use another invaluable personality trait: emotional intelligence. This is particularly important for those who work in businesses in which interpersonal relationships are key.

So what is emotional intelligence, or EQ?

Emotional Intelligence and the Workplace

Emotional intelligence (EQ) refers to the capacity to identify, evaluate, and manage emotions in one’s self as well as in other people. Key elements include self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Some researchers believe this ability may be trained and developed. However, other experts suggest a high EQ is a trait a person must be born with.

Regardless of how emotional intelligence is obtained and fine-tuned, all experts agree: a high EQ is a valuable asset in the workplace.

In certain environments, employees with a higher EQ are better able to cooperate with others. They also tend to manage work-related stress, solve conflicts within workplace relationships, and learn from previous interpersonal mistakes better. Though a high EQ may not be necessary for every type of job, it can be an especially vital trait for most people in leadership or positions. Same is true where teamwork is critical to mission success.

Want to learn more about this vital form of intelligence and it’s impact on your career? This infographic from InitiativeOne explains the value of EQ in the workplace in greater detail…

So, what’s your EQ?


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