How to Use Twitter Simply in Today’s Complicated Job Search

complicated job searchDespite some people now believing the once powerful social network is losing its luster, Twitter still has its place in today’s complicated job search.

In fact, Twitter remains a powerful job search tool… if you are following the right accounts, that is.

Who are the “right” accounts? First, you must know there are different types of accounts on Twitter – personal and professional. And they all share tons of information. And many of them are worth following!

Here are some specific tips to help you take full advantage of Twitter during your sometimes complicated job search…

Finding the Right People

Recruiters and Hiring Managers |Build mutually-beneficial relationships with those people actually doing the hiring!

Influence-Rich Individuals | Follow specific employees (people who currently have your desired job title or those who work in the department you want to work) and executives (like CFO, CEO, CMO) who work for your target companies.

Authors/Content Creators | People who have written books have some authority on the topic/subject and people who blog or create content do as well. Be on the lookout for these types of people.

People Mentioned in Retweets | In your home feed, take note of the originators of retweeted content and follow those accounts.

Lists | Want to find other accounts to follow? Check the industry-relevant lists created by influencers or people you respect on Twitter.

Finding the Right Organizations and Industry Trends

Company News & Culture | Follow target companies to see what they share and get a feel of the company culture. Who knows, they may share job postings on Twitter sometimes.

Industry Trends | People and publications sharing information relevant to your industry.

Popular Hashtags | Search hashtags to help you find relevant news around the topic. And hashtags can be universally helpful on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook too! For example, if you are interested in Digital Marketing, search Twitter for #digitalmarketing. If you want to be an accountant, check out #accountant and #accounting. Some hashtags are fun, others are aligned with companies. Be on the lookout for relevant hashtags to use to filter Tweets and find interesting news and discussions.

Finding News Relevant to Your Job Search

Real-Time News & Updates | When news breaks, you can be one of the first to know if you are on Twitter. When new technology hits or changes are made, you can get the low-down.

Trending | Twitter has its own list of Trending news. On your mobile device, click on the search icon and you’ll see different topics with trending news. From your desktop, Trending news appears in a box on the right of your feed.

Geographic News | Knowing what is going on in your city or a city you are interested in moving to helps you feel knowledgable. Weather, news, traffic and economic development are all important areas to keep track of.

Before You Follow Others: Check Activity

Many accounts have fallen dormant. You don’t want to follow accounts that aren’t active. So before you follow the account look at their Twitter posts.

WARNING: the first post you see might be a pinned post and may have an older date. Look at the Twitter feed under the first Tweet.

And you also want to see what types of tweets the account has been sharing. Make sure they are relevant and look credible. Or, at the very least, are interesting.

Be Purposeful

Follow people who share credible information that you are interested in. Be somewhat discerning when checking out their history of tweets.

  • Do they other people’s work or news or are they only sharing their own content?
  • Do they look credible?
  • How long have they been on Twitter?
  • How many followers do they have?

While the number of followers isn’t always an indicator of good quality, it at least means that other people see value in what they share.

Create Logical Lists

You will be following people with different areas of expertise who tweet about different topics. One of the best tips (and little known features) of Twitter are Lists. You can make your list public or private (only you can see who is on these lists).

No other platform allows you to easily sort/categorize the news you get in your feed like Twitter. On LinkedIn, you have to scroll until you find something interesting. But with Twitter lists, you can just scroll through the topic you are interested in reading.

For more help on creating and viewing lists, check out Demystifying Twitter

One More Reason Twitter Remains Powerful

Twitter needs to serve some value to your career and/or job search, of course. One of my the features I value most? I follow industry thought leaders. Specifically, I follow people who have written books, articles, or delivered presentations that are relevant to me and my work.

There are great people sharing and doing amazing things across all industries and all continents. And the relationships I’ve built with those people over the years is priceless to me.

I truly believe Twitter remains a valuable tool, especially for those involved with may seem to be an overly complicated job search. Yes, it’s become noisy, uncivil and other things. But when properly and purposefully, it provides one of the best real-time access to news and people available.


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