Productivity Secrets Used by 15 Business Icons [Infographic]

Feeling like you’re not getting enough done? Perhaps it is time to learn the productivity secrets of leaders known for making a difference…

Productivity (or lack thereof) can make or break your career. Sure, productivity is just one element of a successful career. But without it, you’ll struggle to get where you want to go.

So it’s no wonder that those who lead wildly successful businesses know how to be productive. They also know how to avoid the things that distract them from getting the important work done. From Steve Jobs to Shan-Lyn Ma, the biggest-hitting business leaders didn’t just start with a dream – they knew how to work to make it happen.

The Productivity Secrets of Proven Leaders

The greatest ideas in the world can be jeopardized by a dip in productivity. And these days it’s all too easy to get dragged out of the ‘zone’ and into meaningless activities. Meetings, deliberation, procrastination, and that sweet, sweet social media can sap all our energy, and momentum.

So how do you stay on track?

Check out this infographic from which collects the best productivity advice from some of the most innovative business leaders around. Need to make the most of the time you have? Eliminate decision fatigue? Find the most efficient way to address mistakes? These productivity secrets are sure your workday more productive.

After all, productivity tips like these from 15 business icons could be the fuel that takes you to the top as well.

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