The Two Facebook Secrets Job Seekers Must Hear

facebook secretsFacebook is still one of the top-used social networks, so it makes to use Facebook during a job search. And these two Facebook secrets will help all job seekers, even those not on social media a lot, tap into the power of their powerful social network.

If you haven’t considered using these Facebook secrets for your job search, let me make it easy for you!

Stats Show the Power of Facebook

  • 2.38 billion monthly active users as of March 31, 2019 (Facebook)
  • 1.56 billion daily active users on average for March 2019 (Facebook)
  •  74% of US Facebook users log in daily. And 51% check Facebook several times a day (Pew Research 2019)
  • Average time spent on Facebook per day is 37 minutes (eMarketer 2019)
  • The average number of Facebook friends is 338 (Pew Research 2014)
  • 43% of Americans get their news from Facebook (Pew Research 2018)

Who People Connect With On Facebook

  • 93% of Facebook users say they are Facebook friends with family members other than parents or children (Pew Research 2014)
  • 91% say they are Facebook friends with current friends (Pew Research 2014)
  • 87% say they are connected to friends from the past, such as high school or college classmates (Pew Research 2014)
  • 58% say they are connected to work colleagues (Pew Research 2014)

Mine Facebook for Contacts Using This Chrome Extension

Why not use one of the Facebook secrets recruiters use to search Facebook profiles? Now you can find people to network with inside companies you’re interested- because your LinkedIn network may not always be able help! There’s a lot more information available to understand how social media recruitment works.

You have access to the same tools recruiters use to sleuth. That’s why this recent post on Jobvite is helpful. 4 Ideas That’ll Boost Your Recruiting Effectiveness on Facebook by Tony Restell of

Reading it, I learned about Chrome extension by Shane McCusker that allows you to easily search for people on Facebook by work, job title, education and more!

You can use the extension to find contacts inside companies to network with! Or, when you find a job you want to apply for, search for people on Facebook and reach out to them through email to learn about the company and the job if possible.

Remember, referred candidates get hired more often than non-referred candidates.

Facebook Expands Your Work History and Education

No, this is not a new feature. In fact, in 2015 Facebook announced a change in how your employment and education history are displayed on your Facebook profile. And yet it remains one of the best kept Facebook secrets.

According to a Huffington Post’s article,

“Essentially, the tweak causes your extended education and employment history to appear by default in the “Intro” field on your profile. That “Intro” section is the very first thing someone sees when they go to your page.”

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can and should use it to your advantage. Just know that any information in your work history is now more visible. Go check your profile out now. To see what others see on your profile, click on the three dots just below your cover image and select “View As…”.

Now Facebook job seekers can see what the public sees or you can change that to see what a specific friend would see.

Put These Facebook Secrets to Work

When looking for work, be sure to put these two Facebook secrets to work! Earn those referrals. Proudly show your work history. And get better job search results!


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